Vision Insurance Pty Ltd has a vision to support our clients through frustrations of dealing with insurers. We aim to be a market leader in distributing quality insurance products and services that offer value to the customer and provide safety in their business and life.

Through this vision, Vision Insurance Pty Ltd will be able to offer their customers:

  • Case analysis, evaluation of risks, insurance planning, implementation and maintenance of your insurance program
  • A sincere and personalised relationship
  • Claims management (we deal with the insurer for you)
  • Competitively priced products.

Vision Insurance Pty Ltd operate to a strict code of ethics to ensure that the relationship with their customers is a trusting and lasting one. In addition, we are committed to ongoing education and support. As an Authorised Representative of PSC Connect we are able to access leading products whilst providing personalised service.

Vision Insurance Pty Ltd utilises a wide range of reputable authorised insurers, selected on the basis of the quality of their products and services. After assessing our customers’ needs, we can utilise the strengths and skills of the appropriate insurer to ensure we give our customers the right protection.

Vision Insurance help businesses find the right insurance for their needs.


From an insurance expert

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